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Visual Storytelling Service that Engages employees

Send us your boring internal document, we’ll turn it into an engaging visual story

Visual Storytelling on the Go

Engage Your Employees

Engaged employees add +47% more to company results. 73% of employees say they need a clear purpose and plan to excel. That makes storytizing and visualisation a key instrument for internal communication, as most of us are visual learners and most current internal communication goes unnoticed.

High Quality Visualization

We have teamed up experienced consultants together with creative people to work on your project, as we believe turning strategy or a change program to a compelling visual requires both strategic business understanding and creative power.

Very Fast + Cost effective

We’ve developed a process that allows for a lead time of 2 weeks to complete an entire visual project. We’ll analyse your content, propose a story and key messages and productive the (interactive) visual. At a very competitive price.

Some examples

So, why is vizualisation so effective?


We all know the limited reach of messages on intranet and email. Visualized stories help to grab attention of employees. using story or metaphors allows the brain to activate and ‘fill the gaps’. When humans are active -instead of passively reading- they engage easily.


Visuals help to clarify in multiple ways. first you need to boil your story down To its essence. Next, visuals use metaphors and emotions (like facial expressions) that help Employees understand Your message. Humans are hard wired for visual information (>80% are visual learners) and we process visual information much faster.


Studies show the power of visuals as it comes to recollection. Text score 10% rememberance After 3 days, while picture & words score 65%, 6x as high. Other Research indicated that our long-term memory is capable of storing a massive number of images and its details. (John Medina, Brain Rules).

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

― Kenneth Turnbull

“We remember 10% of what we read, 65% of what we see and read”

― Edgar Dale

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember”

― Confucius

How our service works

Pricing starts at €1.999

Fill out the form and get free examples + pricing information.

About us

Capture the Audience is a marketing agency with over 35+ years of experience in storytelling and visualisation. We have seen the power of visual communication and with this service we want to make great visualized stories available for everyone.

We combine our experience of developing key messaging and creative communication with our involvement in strategic plans, context & language. We leverage this expertise and developed a process that enables a total project lead time of 2 weeks.